Steve Bennett

How I can help you

  • I understand that yoSteve Bennettu may find arranging, sourcing and booking your travel to be time-consuming and may need some help.
  • I understand that you may sometimes need to change your flights and then change and change again.
  • I understand that you may need to hold off confirming your tickets until the last moment.
  • I understand that you need to contact me quickly so that I can offer solutions to your queries.
  • I understand that you need to have clear accurate prompt invoices and payment receipts and if you think the above may cost too much, all I charge is a small service fee for each confirmed and ticketed flight booking which will most likely be recouped by you through the fares that I offer and your time saved.

As a Professional Travel Consultant with over 45 years experience I am able to offer all types of travel services.


I focus especially on offering a personalised service to VIP’s, Directors, Managers, Consultants, and Small to Medium Corporate clients.


I endeavour to offer cost saving solutions for overseas flights. This is combined with a first class service to help you save both time and money on your travel.


As a Professional Travel Consultant I have no hidden loyalties to any airlines or alliances and will offer a choice of best value flight and fares with routings suited to your specific itinerary. Of course if you have airline preferences I will offer these as a matter of routine.


My clients are based throughout the World and are within a range of companies and a variety of industries. They travel worldwide, and for all of them, optimising their travel costs is crucial, for me sourcing the best airfare combined with professional, helpful advice and service is a priority in order that my clients can fully focus on their own business.


They choose me, and more importantly stay with me because of the excellent flight prices I offer, my extensive knowledge of the industry and personal one-to-one service.  I value my clients, and get to know their specific travel preferences, this allows me to build long-term business relationships.